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Baby Christmas Dresses
0 – 3 Months

When your little girl is 0 – 3 months she will never remember her first Christmas.  However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

When you are buying baby Christmas dresses for 0-3 month olds, the main thing to consider is the material you choose.  While we want our girls to look all frilly and fabulous, we also want them to be happy and comfortable too!  Here are some great tips to keep in mind when choosing the material of your baby holiday dresses for little ones 0-3 months old.

Consider the climate you live in and the temperature outside when it is Christmas where you live.  Every fabric is going to have it’s own unique level of warmth to it and this is something you should definately take into consideration when purchasing baby Christmas dresses.  If you live in warmer climates you probably will not want to pick a dress made from velvet because this will leave your little girl hot and cranky.

Another factor to consider is how long she will be wearing her Christmas dress and under what conditions.  Do you plan on just having her wear the dress for pictures?  Will she be taking the dress off shortly after you arrive at your family get together?  Are you going to sit through a long church service?  Making sure you keep these in mind when buying baby Christmas dresses will keep your precious little girl from being uncomfortable.

On last suggestion.  You should always have a spare holiday dress on hand in case of emergency or mishap.  Accidents happen when we dress up our girls.  Food spills and diaper accidents can ruin a dress and a holiday picture.  Don’t be caught off guard!  Keep a spare dress with you just in case. The spare doesn’t have to be the exact same dress.  In fact, you may pick baby holiday dresses which are more comfortable and casual to change her into.

Photo Tip:   Try putting a white blanket over your baby’s car seat in order to provide the perfect background for your pictures. She may still be too little to sit up on her own.

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