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Baby Christmas Dresses
Size 2T

When your little girl is a size 2T she will probably never remember Christmas. However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

2T is such a wonderful size!

Finally you are beginning to notice that virtually everything is sold in this size!  Gone are the days of scouring the racks for the smaller sizes.  Kiss those discouraging days goodbye!

Now your little girl is dressed to the nines in cute baby Christmas dresses.  Your only problem now will be how to choose from so many beautiful ones?

Make sure you pick a dress that suits your geographic location.  You never want to pick a hot, velvet dress if you live in a hot climate.  Remember, if your girl isn’t happy – NO ONE is happy!

Photo Tip: Trouble getting her to hold still? Try letting her hold her favorite toy while you are taking her picture. This should keep her occupied and you will probably even get a big smile or two!

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Red Snowman Corduroy Dress Shantung Dot Dress Red Rosette Dress

Fuchsia Glitter Dress
Ivory Black Embroidered Organza Magenta Satin Holiday Dress

Fucsia Pink Velvet Dress Sage Embroidered Dress Red Ivory Holiday Dress

Red Embroidered Dress Red Glitter Dot Dress Pink Rosette Party Dress

Pink Snowflake Corduroy Dress Plaid Red Holiday Dress Gingerbread Holiday Jumper Dress

Black Velvet Glitter Dress Red Scottie Puppy Dress Gold Black Velvet Dress

Red Ribbon Hem Dress Red Reindeer Christmas Dress Red Candycane Corduroy Dress

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