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Newborn Christmas Dresses

Having a newborn baby is so much fun around Christmas time!  Your friends and relatives will be itching to get their hands on your beautiful bundle of joy and will want you to send them tons of pictures of her in her holiday dress.  Now, we all want our little girls to look spectacular however, while we all want to go crazy and buy the most frilly and lacy dress we can find, there are some tips you should follow when you pick out newborn Christmas dresses.

Make sure your little girl has a dress that does not have lace around the neckline.  The last thing that you want when you are trying to take holiday photos is a cranky baby who is getting a lace rash.  You are better off sticking to a dress with an off the neck style dress and save the frills and lace for the body of the dress. Also, make sure your dress is baby friendly and isn’t too tight or restricting.  Even though your newborn won’t be crawling or rolling, when she fusses you don’t want the dress to hurt her.

Below are some great examples of newborn Christmas dresses that would be perfect for any lucky little girl on her first Christmas!

Photo Tip: Always photograph newborns in either their carseat or being held by you.  Never prop them up in a chair or on a table!

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Sparkling New Glittered Burgundy

Mud Pie Red Corduroy Jumper

Bonnie Baby Scotty Border Print Dress

Rare Editions Baby/Infant Girls

Rare Editions Double Wire Hem Dress

Rare Editions Infant Toddler Girls Gold

and Black Velvet Dress


Ivory Velvet Glitter Dress

Santa Clause Holiday Bunting



Gingerbread 2pc Dress Set

Bonnie Baby Stretch Velvet

Bodice To Mesh Ruffle Skirt

Red Plaid Christmas Baby Dress

with Black Velvet Trim

Red Flower Girl Pageant

Christmas Dress + Free Hair Wreath

Bonnie Baby Sparkle Velour Jacket



Baby Christmas Dress Holiday Red Satin



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0-3 Month Christmas Dresses

When your little girl is a size 0-3 months she will probably never remember Christmas. However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

0-3 month Christmas dresses can be so challenging to find!  It seems that the world makes beautiful dresses for the larger sizes, but we get left out.

That is until now!

Below you will find a beautiful selection of dresses ranging from newborn to 3 months ~ each one a stunning choice for your first Christmas together!

One tip: Make sure that the 0-3 month Christmas dresses you pick are suited for the part of the world you live in.  You would never want to dress your little one from head to toe in hot velvet when you live in a desert climate!  Pick a dress that she will be comfortable in.

Here is a HUGE selection of stunning dresses for you to choose from!

Photo Tip:  Cover her car seat with a solid colored cloth and use this as your background to take her first Christmas picture!

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Corduroy Reindeer Jumper Red Plaid Holiday Dress Red Sassy Swing Dress


Red Snowman Dress
Christmas Bear Jumper Dress Candy Cane Legging Dress


Pink Snowflake Corduroy Jumper Plaid Dress & Sweater Set Ivory Black Embroidered Dress

Gingerbread Bubble Dress Little Me Red Velvet Dress Holiday Presents Plaid Dress



Black White Glitter Dress Fuchsia Rosette Dress Red Velour Bow Dress

Gingerbread Red Snowflake Dress Soft Fleece Bear Jumper Penguin Jumper Dress

Baby Holiday Dress Burgundy Hot Pink Snowflake Dress Red Scottie Puppy Dress

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Baby Christmas Dresses
0 – 3 Months

When your little girl is 0 – 3 months she will never remember her first Christmas.  However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

When you are buying baby Christmas dresses for 0-3 month olds, the main thing to consider is the material you choose.  While we want our girls to look all frilly and fabulous, we also want them to be happy and comfortable too!  Here are some great tips to keep in mind when choosing the material of your baby holiday dresses for little ones 0-3 months old.

Consider the climate you live in and the temperature outside when it is Christmas where you live.  Every fabric is going to have it’s own unique level of warmth to it and this is something you should definately take into consideration when purchasing baby Christmas dresses.  If you live in warmer climates you probably will not want to pick a dress made from velvet because this will leave your little girl hot and cranky.

Another factor to consider is how long she will be wearing her Christmas dress and under what conditions.  Do you plan on just having her wear the dress for pictures?  Will she be taking the dress off shortly after you arrive at your family get together?  Are you going to sit through a long church service?  Making sure you keep these in mind when buying baby Christmas dresses will keep your precious little girl from being uncomfortable.

On last suggestion.  You should always have a spare holiday dress on hand in case of emergency or mishap.  Accidents happen when we dress up our girls.  Food spills and diaper accidents can ruin a dress and a holiday picture.  Don’t be caught off guard!  Keep a spare dress with you just in case. The spare doesn’t have to be the exact same dress.  In fact, you may pick baby holiday dresses which are more comfortable and casual to change her into.

Photo Tip:   Try putting a white blanket over your baby’s car seat in order to provide the perfect background for your pictures. She may still be too little to sit up on her own.

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