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Baby Christmas Dresses
3 – 6 Months

When your little girl is 3 – 6 the smiles just keep coming don’t they?  Although she won’t remember her first Christmas, you will remember it forever so make sure you get her a special baby Christmas dress and take lots of pictures!


When picking out baby Christmas dresses for 3-6 month olds you need to keep a few things in mind during the selection process.


At this age, most little girls are learning to turn over from their stomachs to their backs and vice versa.  You need to make sure that the fancy dress you pick has enough room for them to move around in and is made from a comfortable material.  The last thing you want is to have a rashy baby because the material was too rough and rubbed their skin the wrong way.


Around this time your little girl is probably beginning to do the army crawl on her stomach.  This is the first steps to learning how to crawl and she will want to practice it whether or not she is dressed up in her Christmas dress!  Make sure the dress is roomy and made from a material which won’t get scraped from the  crawling.


Your best best is to buy a spare baby holiday dress to change her into once you have reached your family get together and the ooh’s and aah’s have died down.  This way you won’t need to worry about getting her dress dirty or her scratching herself on her dresses’ embelishments.


One more tip about pictures…little ones around 6 months are just learning how to balance themselves while sitting so never leave a child this age sitting on their own to take  a picture, especially if they are raised off the ground on a table or platform!  Make sure that someone always has their hand supporting her back so that she does not risk falling.


Photo Tip: Try and schedule pictures shortly after your little girl wakes up from a nap and has a full tummy.  She will be much more cooperative and you’ll get lots of smiles!

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