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Baby Christmas Dresses
Size 4T

When your little girl is a size 4T she will probably never remember Christmas. However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

Your baby girl isn’t such a baby anymore!  She is a 4T and this means that she is now growing out of the baby Christmas dresses category and she’s headed into little girl territory.  You are probably beginning to see that the bigger she grows the more expensive the clothes become.  But, you can still find a great holiday dress at a great price.

Your little girl is probably just beginning to master potty training so you need to make sure that the Christmas dress you choose for her allows her to go to the bathroom easily. The last thing you want is for her to feel badly because she misjudged how high to pull up the dress while sitting on the potty.

One thing you need to keep in mind when picking baby Christmas dresses is that you want to pick a dress that suits the climate you live in.  Hot velvet material is great if you live in cold areas of the world, but not if you live in hot places.  The last thing you want is a cranky little girl on Christmas!

Photo Tip: Schedule your photo session with your 4T just after breakfast. She is sure to be awake and have a happy tummy which is sure to bring you the smiles that you are searching for!

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Plaid Sleeveless Dress Candycane Corduroy Jumper Red Plaid Short Sleeves

Red Ribbon Jumper
Fuchsia Snowflake Jumper Fuchsia Pink Velvet Glitter


Teal Sparkling Spangle Dress Fuchsia Christmas Dress Brown Holiday Dress

Velvet Dot Glitter Dress Red Velvet Sparkling Dress Burgundy Taffeta Christmas Dress

Black & Purple Velvet Dress Apple Green Snowman Jumper Black Velvet Floral Dress

Pink Flocked Floral Dress Pink Rosette Dress Velvet Bow Holiday Dress

Gold Velvet Holiday Dress Retro Santa Dress Pink Flocked Taffeta Dress