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Baby Christmas Dresses
6 – 9 Months

When your little girl is 6 – 9 months she will probably never remember her first Christmas. However, you will remember it forever so make sure you get special baby Christmas dresses and take lots of pictures!

When you are buying baby Christmas dresses for 6-9 month olds the main thing you need to think about it comfort! 


Your little girl is probably crawling all over the place so you need to make sure that the baby Christmas dresses you choose are ones where her knees are free to go!  A floor length dress is probably not the best choice (unless you are buying it strictly for a holiday photo).  Instead opt for shorter dresses which make crawling easy! 


Another thing to consider is the material.  You want to choose something that offers your little one comfort and ease of movement.  Anything itchy, restricting or just too plain heavy will have your sweetheart transform into a crying lump!  Choose fabrics that are appropriate for where you live.  Live somewhere warm?  You will probably want to stay away from heavy velvet materials. 

On last suggestion. You should always have a spare holiday dress on hand in case of emergency or mishap. Accidents happen when we dress up our girls. Food spills and diaper accidents can ruin a dress and a holiday picture. Don’t be caught off guard! Keep a spare dress with you just in case. The spare doesn’t have to be the exact same dress. In fact, you may decide to pick some baby holiday dresses which are more comfortable and casual to change her into.

Photo Tip: Trouble getting her to look at the camera?  Hold her favorite toy and play peek-a-boo with it behind your back.  Hold it just over the camera (out of lens view) and you’ll have the perfect smiling picture this year!.

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Reindeer Corduroy Jumper


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Teddy Bear Fleece Jumper


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Burgundy Holiday Dress


Pink Chocolate Embroidered Dress


Polka Dot Puppy Fleece


Velour Snowman Outfit


Green Candy Cane Corduroy


Candy Cane Legging Dress


Black Velvet Floral Dress


Pink Snowman Jumper


Velvet Christmas Dress Set


Purple Fleece Penguin Jumper


Corduroy Reindeer Dress


Polka Dot Embroidered Dress