Agility Weave – Beginner Tricks and Tips

The Agility Weave is probably one of the most difficult obstacles that your dog will need to learn in order to score well in agility contests.

Similar to a slalom, the weave is comprised of a series of 5 to 12 poles, each approximately 1 yard tall and spaced approximately 20 inches apart.  It is through this 20 inch gap that your dog will “weave” in and out of the poles.  All dogs must enter the agility weave with the first pole to their left and cannot skip poles.

You can begin training your dog as early as you want.  Start by placing two rows of poles approximately 20 inches apart from each other.  The goal is to create a path for the dog to run through.  Then play with your dog.  Throw their favorite ball or toy through the agility weave and allow them to run through it to retrieve the toy and bring it back to you.  This will get your dog used to moving through a space which is more confined than they are used to.

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Training techniques for the weave vary but now is a good time to bring up a technique you need to stay away from at all costs: wire weave training.  This involves creating a path using wire to train the dog to correctly navigate the weave poles.  While it seems logical it can cause tremendous physical and mental harm to your dog especially when the dog runs at the agility weave at full speed.  Trust me on this one, I’ve seen it happen and it was devastating to both dog and owner.

Do not try this.

Once they are used to this you can use a motivator like their favorite toy or a special treat to begin to teach them to weave in and out of the poles.

Here is a fabulous video which shows a safe way to train your pet to begin to weave the poles.


It is always so much fun to see just how motivated your dog can become when you really begin to gain confidence while doing the agility weave!

Some dogs will pick up on this faster than others.  So, how do you speed your dog up?  You practice practice practice. The more practice you do, the faster your dog will get and the more confident they will be.

The best agility dogs in the world have a super high confidence level when performing the agility weave.  They get out on the course and they fly through every obstacle. Why? Because they have gone through this dog and pony routine so many times before that it is like second nature to them now.

There are many great DVD’s out there that can help you teach your dog how to weave and how to increase their speed through the poles.  I’ve listed a few below in case you find you need some extra help.

Agility Fix It DVD – Contacts And Weave Poles.

World Class Weaves for Dog Agility by Joe Canova

Dream Weaves

Now get out there and practice, practice practice!

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