Batman Birthday Party Supplies

Batman Birthday Party SuppliesCelebrate his first birthday with the caped crusader!

If you are a fan of Batman then you will love these Batman birthday party supplies! If you are older like me, you’ll remember not only reading the comic books, but also watching the original Batman TV show with Burt Ward.  Fun times – but it makes me feel so old! Batman the Dark Knight has come a long way since then.

Here is a dinner plate from the Batman Dark Knight party collection.  It is really cool how you see the bat signal hanging over Gotham city and Batman looks ready for action!  The plate is 9 inches wide and can be purchases in packs of 8.

The rest of the Batman theme is just as cute because they have cool add ons like  Dark Night Masks (these are really too cool) as well as Batman Birthday Party Supplies Packs that set you up with just about everything you need to have a Batman birthday party ~ from invitations to plates to decorations!

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Batman Birthday Party Supplies - Decoration IdeasYou can really have a lot of fun with this theme when it comes to decorating!  Get some cardboard and yellow and black paint and create your very own bat signal decoration which you can put on your front door to alert your Batman party guests that here is where they need to be! You can also do what we did for our son’s Incredibles party and cut out some comic book fight action bubbles that say things like “BAM!” and “POW!”  It is a fun way to decorate the walls on a budget!




Batman Birthday Party Supplies - Batman Cake Topper When decorating the cake the sky is the limit!  You could buy a ready made cake from the store and just have them put a road with a yellow dotted line down the middle.  Then, you could get some sugar cookie dough and create some building-shapped cookies.  make sure you frost them black with bright yellow windows!  Just before cake time you can stick the cookies in the cake to create a Gotham City look and use this Batman cake decoration to finish the look!  Cute, cheap and easy – just how we like it!



Below I’ve listed some more of the cool additions to this Batman themed birthday party to help you create the perfect first birthday party for your little caped crusader this year! 



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