Construction Birthday Party Supplies


Construction Birthday Party SuppliesGet on your hardhat – we’re constructing a 1st birthday party!

What little boy doesn’t like trucks and mud?  These construction birthday party supplies are the perfect theme for any little boy for his first birthday!

This theme called Construction Pals is absolutely ADORABLE!  The picture to the left is one of the dinner plates from the collection.  I really love how they bring this dump truck to life and even put a little pencil behind his ear. Too cute!

Construction pals has so many different parts that you can buy to really deck out your house for your 1st birthday party.  They offer cute options to decorate your walls with construction wall decals and even let your guests get into the theme of your party by giving them construction cone party hats!

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These construction birthday party supplies are really some of the cutest I’ve seen!  Here are just a few of the stand-outs :

Construction Pals Centerpiece Construction Pals Centerpiece

 What a great way to decorate your tables!  It is made of cardboard and get this…the dump truck REALLY DUMPS!  Neat, huh? Perfect to put some snacks or candy in.

Construction Pals Cone Hats (8) Construction Pals Cone Hats

These are too cute!  Can you just imagine some of your relatives wearing this cone head party hat?  Oh, and not to mention the cute pictures you’ll get of the birthday boy!

Construction Pals Personalized Party Theme Construction Pals Personalized Party Theme

Brand NEW and cool!  How would you like your baby’s picture plastered all over your construction birthday party supplies?  You can with this great personalized Construction Pals party pack! Just follow the instructions and make these cool 1st birthday supplies for your party!

Need more great construction birthday party supplies?  Just click any image below for more information!

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