Little Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies Come where it’s hotter…under the water..under the sea with these cute Little Mermaid birthday party supplies!

The Little Mermaid has been one of Disney’s favorite princesses for many years. I still remember when the movie came out on VHS – okay I’m dating myself now … My son who was a toddler at the time loved to sit and watch Ariel and her adventures with Flounder and Sebastian.

So, what better theme to go with for her first birthday than a Little Mermaid birthday party!

The picture I’m showing is a plate from the Little Mermaid birthday party supplies collection. Isn’t it cute? I love how Ariel seems to be dancing with Flounder and Sebastian while wearing her princess crown! Perfect for any little princess on her 1st birthday! What I really like about this particular collection is that they have party kits that give you just about everything you could possibly need to host your party! You can click here to see everything you get.

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If you are looking for cute ways to decorate your house you could easily pull off an “Under the Sea” party. Get some blue streamers and run them lengthwise across the ceiling of your room to create the illusion that you really are under the water. Get some fish decorations and suspend the from fishing wire randomly around your party room. You could even go so far as to get some cardboard and make pictures of things you’d find under the sea like a treasure chest or a sunken ship.

You could also use some fishing netting you can purchase at any craft store and some seashells and starfish to really enhance the mood of your party. Dress your little girl in a Little Mermaid Costume.

For your cake the sky is the limit – or should I say the ocean floor is the limit :) You can create any sort of under the sea type of cake you can think of! From Ariel inspired cakes to sea creatures like an Octopus, just make sure to put your creative thinking hat on.

The more over the top your party is, the better!

Here are some more great Little Mermaid birthday party supplies to help set the mood at your little girl’s first birthday party!

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