Biblical Costume Purchasing

Each year many religious organizations hold plays using characters from the Bible as their inspiration. Sadly, you won’t find too many stores catering to the Biblical play maker market. This has led to many creating their own costumes. Creating your own costume is better than not having a costume at all, but it would be better if you were to wear one made by a professional. In this article I’ll go over the different biblical costumes that one might want to wear. You’ll even learn where to go to find some great pre made costumes to use. Once you’ve finished this article you’ll be able to apply your new found knowledge and get yourself a nice professionally made outfit to use.

The first thing one must recognize is that you’ll never be able to get costumes for everyone ever mentioned in the Bible. Some of the more popular and easier to find costumes are angels, devils, and the roman soldier costume. These costumes can easily be found in costume shops in October. You can buy them then and save them, or you can wait and buy them in December. For those of you that do not want to purchase ahead of time, don’t worry because I’ll tell exactly where you can go to get them anytime of the year.

The main characters you’ll probably be focusing on for plays will be wise men, angels, and peasant garb. Reenactment weapons and other soldier gear will probably be needed as well. You can finish off your costume with a nice helmet. Find costumes that will serve you well in a multitude of plays. This way your hard work will get to be used a few times.

One place to go to get a nice costume is Historical Clothing Realm . You’ll find a large selection of costumes from the medieval time period there. Medieval foot wear as well as medieval reenactment weapons are available there. These items can be very useful when putting together a biblical play or show.

If your looking for biblical costumes you know it is going to be a tough challenge. Why not make the best of it and get as much as you can from a store? You’ll then have time to devote to making the other costumes. The extra time and effort spent on the remaining home made costumes will be sure to show when you have your play.

Thank you for reading this page. I hope you enjoyed it.

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