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Club Pack of 12 Nutcracker Jingle Bell Christmas OrnamentsWow ~ Bells and Nutcrackers?

These are so different and really cute!

Isn’t this great?  This awesome set of 12 nutcracker ornaments feature a detailed nutcracker sitting on top of a colorful metal bell.

Can you just imagine this hanging from your tree this year?  If you have kids or cats, they will go crazy over this ornament!  Plus, they are made from metal so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally breaking from being played with too hard.

The set features 3 sets of the 4 nutcrackers shown.  So, this could make a really cute gift for 3 people that you know.  Or, you could consider attaching one of these to each package that you wrap.  It’s a fun way to personalize your gift while giving them a little something extra for their tree a the same time!

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Nutcracker Soldier OrnamentsBeautiful and brightly colored Nutcracker soldier ornaments!

Have a look at his set of three gem colored nutcracker ornaments – aren’t they beautiful?

These have to be some of the most unique ornaments I’ve seen. First their hats are so different from the traditional nutcracker which I like – they are flocked.

Also – take a look at their arms and how they are free hanging, just joined together by hinges so they dangle. Very special!

I love how these are both gem colored and adorned with gems as well so you know that these will really stand out when you put them on the tree!

Made by Seasons of Cannon Falls, these three nutcracker soldier ornaments are approximately 5 1/2″ tall.

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PORCELAIN NUTCRACKER ORNAMENT SET 4PC. - Christmas OrnamentCherish the memories with these 4 Nutcracker Suite Ornaments!

How about a complete set of Nutcracker Ballet ornaments for that special little girl on your list this year?

These are absolutely adorable!  Each is made from porcelain so they are fragile – but beautiful!  I love the details on these – I mean take a look at the nutcracker costume and the intricate painting!

Each one of these is a great memory of the Nutcracker ballet.  You have Clara, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King and Clara’s uncle.  I can just imagine these little ornaments dancing to the music, can’t you?

I am thrilled with the fact that these are a complete set.  Typically you can buy ornaments separately – but I like the fact that you have all 4 in one box to give as a gift!

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3 Wooden Nutcracker Soldier Ornaments

These Nutcracker Ornaments are adorable!

Take a look at these 3 wooden nutcracker soldier ornaments.  Aren’t they unique?

I really love the use of the white fuzz on these to make these nutcracker ornaments stand out!  I mean take a look at the hair and hats – it really gives them a 3-D quality, doesn’t it?

The detail on these is absolutely amazing for the price!  I love the way that you can see each individual tooth ~ it really makes these special!

These great nutcrackers are hand painted and stand approximately 5″ tall.  They are adorned with unique gold and jewel accents. Perfect for your tree, as a table ornament or to put on any gift you may give this holiday season!

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Barcana Shatterproof Christmas Nutcracker Ornament
What a great Nutcracker ornament for kids!

This nutcracker soldier ornament from Barcana is shatterproof and when I say shatterproof I mean it.  This ornament (according to the manufacturer) is unbreakable!

What a cute gift this could be for some of the youngest people on your Christmas list this year!  An unbreakable nutcracker soldier ornament – just like the one from the Nutcracker Ballet!

This cute ornament is adorned in a red soldier’s uniform with yellow and red striped pants.  He wears a red and gold crown and stands at attention just ready for action!

He stands approximately 7 inches tall and features bright gold glitter accents which make him sparkle under the lights of your Christmas tree!

He comes in a clear box withhttp://infokitty.com/nutcracker-ornaments/wp-admin/post-new.php a bow so you don’t have to wrap him to give him as a gift. Or, consider attaching him to the top of a package to give it that little something extra!

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3 Wooden Nutcracker Soldier OrnammentsCheerful and bright Nutcracker Soldier Ornaments!

These beautiful nutcracker ornaments would be the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list this year!

All three of these nutcracker soldier ornaments feature brightly colored paints adorned with jewel to accent their soldier uniforms.

I love that each nutcracker is holding a different weapon of some sort.  Also, take a look at the detail on these ~ down to the authentic nutcracker beard.

These soldier nutcracker ornaments would look beautiful on any tree.  They also feature a base which allows you to set them on a table or around your home during Christmastime.

Each ornament is approximately 5″ tall.

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Nutcracker General OrnamentOld World Christmas has done it again – this is stunning!

Did you know that the nutcracker was originally carved out by commoners to make fun of the army?

No one will make fun of this beautiful nutcracker ornament created by Old World Christmas.

This nutcracker ornament was gently mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot liquid silver solution was poured inside. Finally this beautiful ornament was hand painted with glitters and bright colors which gives this ornament a beautiful glow!

When you place this on your tree it is beautiful how the lights catch the glow of the shimmering glitter and the luminescent paints used to paint this ornament

It stands approximately 5″ tall and would make a great addition to any tree!

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WOODEN NUTCRACKER ORNAMENT - 4" WOODEN NUTCRACKER ORNAMENT SET OF 4 - Christmas OrnamentLittle nutcracker ornaments make the cutest gifts!

This set of 4 soldier nutcracker ornaments is so adorable!  I love how each one is painted with different characteristics making this a truly unique gift for that special someone on your list this year!

One thing I particularly like about these nutcrackers is that they have an authentic fur beard ~ the kind that you see on full sized nutcrackers.  It really brings a level of authenticity to these mini replicas.

Each nutcracker ornament is approximately 4″ tall so these would be perfect for a tabletop tree you may use or even for your full sized Christmas tree to fill in the top areas.  Another cute idea for these is to use them as decorations for the tops of your Christmas packages.  It really brings a level of sophistication to your gift to pay such attention to the fine details.

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Kurt Adler Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Set

For over 30 years, Kurt Adler has been introducing its own brand of nutcrackers to the United States.

Here you have a set of 6 beautiful Kurt Adler nutcracker originals in miniature form! These nutcracker ornaments are hand painted and are exact miniature replicas of Kurt Adler’s larger collectibles.  Aren’t they aren’t they precious?

Just look at the fine details painted right on to the nutcrackers ~ each one a unique treasure! Kurt Adler nutcrackers are highly sought after by collectors because they are some of the best made nutcrackers in the world.  I was so glad when Kurt decided to release these in ornament form!  They look really cute on my tree!

These would be perfect for packages or for stocking stuffers for those on your Christmas list this year!  You could also give this package as a gift to that special someone.

Each ornament measures approximately 5″ tall.

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Hand Painted Wood 5.5 Inch Tall Soldier Nutcracker Ornament Assortment (Set of 6)Here is a way to take care of 6 stockings at once!

These great wooden nutcracker ornaments created by Burton & Burton are each unique and different.  Every one is a perfect replica of a nutcracker soldier which I absolutely love!  They are what everyone envisions when they think about a nutcracker.

The detail on these are incredible!  Each one was painstakingly hand painted so you are guaranteed that each nutcracker ornament is a unique treasure you can keep for many generations to come.  Can you imagine spending hour upon hour hand painting the most detailed parts of these?

Each nutcracker ornament stands 5 1/2″ tall so they would be perfect to attach to the top of a Christmas present or put inside a stocking this year!  They come packaged with a clear lid so if you are giving these as a gift to someone, they will see the beauty of these as soon as they rip open the wrapping paper.

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